Requirements for articles submitted to the editorial board of the scientific journal “Regional and Municipal Governance: Issues of Politics, Economics and Law”

1. The topics of the articles should correspond to the profile of the journal. The submitted texts may be prepared by one or several authors. The submitted materials must be relevant and have scientific and practical significance, they are also supposed to meet the requirements for scientific publications.

2. All articles submitted to the editorial office of the scientific journal "Issues of National and Federal Relations" are subject to mandatory verification in the Anti-Plagiarism system. The original text of each article should constitute at least 85%.

3. The volume of each article is up to 15 pages of typed text. The font of the text is Times New Roman, font size is 14, line spacing is 1.5, all sources should be indicated by bibliographic references.

4. References are to be given in the text in square brackets, in which the first digit indicates the number of the source in the bibliographic list, the second, after the capital letter “P” indicates the page number in the source (for example, [1. P. 26]; a link to several sources is indicated as follows [1. P. 126; 4. P. 43]). References to notes are given in parentheses, for example (1).

5. Each submitted material is supposed to include the title in Russian and English, an abstract and a list of keywords in Russian and in English, as well as a bibliographic list in alphabetical order. Each author is supposed to indicate his/her surname, first name and patronymic (in full), academic degree, academic title, position, and official name of the place of employment in Russian and English. The contact phone number and e-mail address must be specified.

6. Requirements for an abstract. The abstract should disclose the issues covered by the scientific article, its purpose, as well as the obtained results. Recommended structure of the abstract is an introduction, goals and objectives, methods, results, and conclusions. The information contained in the title of the article should not be repeated in the abstract. Historical references, descriptions of previously published works and well-known provisions are not to be included in the abstract. The recommended abstract length is from 200 to 250 words.

7. Entries in the bibliographic list (list of references) should be numbered, each entry should be typed from a new line under an ordinal number. The numbering of references in the bibliographical list should correspond to the references in the text of the article. In the bibliographical list, all works are listed in alphabetical order. The bibliographical list contains only titles referred to in the article. All sources in the bibliographical list should be given in accordance with GOST R 7.0.5-2008.

8. All materials are submitted to the editorial board in electronic form (by e-mail).

9. All articles are subject to mandatory double blind peer review. Reviews of the articles on the most relevant and controversial issues may be at the decision of the editorial board published in the same issue of the journal.

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